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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Aquarius and Scorpio - do they get along?

Aquarians - full of chitchat, intensely curious about the world yet standing apart from it, like a book. Relates to the world distantly, through a mental knowledge filter.  Can't control others, but wishes to.  Little connection to relational instinct, unless it is learned. Can be instinctual when it comes to the natural world, though.

Scorpios - instinctive, reading people and evaluating them instantly, Engages people by being very physically present - often more so than others, putting them at significant advantage.  Uses silence, veiled threats and open challenges effectively to control others.

Like Geminis and Librans, but perhaps more so, Aquarians tend to live in their heads.  When feeling the relational challenges presented by more emotional and instinctual signs like the water and earth signs, Scorpios included, Aquarians beat a hasty retreat, and refuse to engage.  For Aquarians, Scorpios can be fun to watch from afar, because their ability to control and manipulate can seem amazing.  But to be the subject of those manipulations, woe is the Aquarian!

Funny thing is, some Scorpios can feel intimidated and put off by the Aquarian on the knowledge pedestal.  To survive in the world, the Aquarian has to become smart and knowledgeable, because they operate by knowing that they have to take this step and then that one.  Scorpios swim through the world, evaluating the temperature and textures of currents of events and relationships to determine where they want to go and what they want to do next.  Knowledge figures very little into this evaluation.  Of course, when Scorpios figure out the advantage that knowledge brings, they add that to their arsenal, too.  But they don't feel that they need it, starting off.  Thus, Scorpios can suffer some low esteem upon hearing an Aquarian talk so smartly, even if they seem unreal.

-- written by an Aquarian  (with Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Aquarius!!)

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