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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Venus in the sky aligns with natal Mars...what does it mean for my two year Mars cycle?

The hours when Venus is conjunct natal Mars is a good time for me to evaluate my recent past in light of the current Mars cycle and what I would like to do moving forward.  Currently (Dec 18, 2015), Mars is at 10 Aquarius - exactly 30 degrees past my natal Mars, so I've been in the current Mars cycle since November 9, 2014 - or for a month and a half. (Transiting Mars conjuncted natal mars on Nov 9).

And this really is a new phase of life for me.  Just like with the attitude of setting new intentions on the New Moon for the next month, it is wise to set intentions for the next two years on each New Mars. And even if we don't, in hindsight we'll be able to see a shift in our activities and in where we spend our energies.

So what does Mars represent, and what is the Mars cycle?  Mars, which rules Aries (named after the ancient god of war) represents action and aggression, maleness, and how we apply our physical and emotional energy without putting a lot of thought into it, like a natural, even instinctive tendency. For example, Mars in Gemini likes to talk and travel a lot, Mars in Libra invests in relationships, Mars in Aquarius does quirky things, Mars in Capricorn is very practical - maybe too practical.  Sometimes it's not so easy to see our Mars in action because we really have ten planets (including Sun and Moon) at play in the horoscope, so there is a lot to look at. So one could consider that the Mars theme could be determined by an overlay of behaviors that don't fit neatly in the Sun-Moon interpretations.  For example, a person with the Sun in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius has a relationship-oriented focus in life (Libra), and they spend a lot of time writing and travelling, or working in travel or foreigner related activities.  Another good hint of the Mars theme is the areas of life that a badly affected Mars causes suffering. A square to Mars from a planet in the 11th house of friends could mean that we get into arguments and conflicts with friends too easily.

Venus is about what we love, and about the women in our life.  It also has to do with money and with socializing. So, when Venus conjuncts Mars, maybe it's a good time to discuss and explore with a woman friend (or women) what you hope to achieve in the next couple of years, and to reflect on the past few months and consider what there is to be grateful for, and what is there to change and improve.

For me, the time of my wife's cancer treatment is winding down and she is getting stronger.  So I can focus on more positive and life-enhancing activities again and feel hope for a brighter, busier future in the career realm. And yes, I have one or two female confidantes I've been exploring my future with, and theirs as well.

Do you know where your Mars is in your horoscope? Do you know how it is aspected (affected) by other planets in your natal chart, and how the planets in the sky are affecting your Mars?  If you'd like to know, drop me a line on the site and we can chat about it over email, and perhaps do a reading, too.  Knowledge is power, and that includes knowing ourselves through our horoscopes and their ongoing transits over time!

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