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Monday, December 5, 2011

About Neptune at the end of Aquarius

On Feb 3, 2011, Neptune will exit Aquarius and enter Pisces.  It won't visit Aquarius again for another 150 years. People most affected by this transition actually have been under the influence of Neptune for the past year or more.  They include people born February 16 - 23 (end of Aquarius - start of Pisces),  April 17 - 24 (end of Taurus - start of Gemini), August 20 - 27 (end of Leo - start of Virgo), and November 19 - 26 (end of Scorpio - start of Sagittarius). Traits and themes associated with Neptune include an increased sense of emotional vulnerability and the taking of steps to protect oneself, giving oneself up for a mission or a cause and losing one's identity to some degree in the mission, losing some personal focus generally, getting caught up in addictions - whether it's with drugs or alcohol or lots of books and movies and video games, reclusiveness, a tendency towards a silly and whimsical nature, the 'slowly boiling frog' nature of increasing bodily toxicity, confusions, walking about as if in a fog, delusions, loss of consciousness, and loss of personal ambitions.  Neptune can represent incarceration or general inhibitions of personal freedom to think, speak, and act.  Neptune also often represents the openness to new influences and activities.  Neptune represents water and the sea, visits to the sea, and difficulties due to water. Neptune can represent access to the divine and spiritual revelations. Neptune represents the influences of doctors and medicines and hospitals on us, as well as healing influences generally - like being out in nature or being by the sea. 

People most affected by Neptune are affected because Neptune challenges the Sun in their charts - either by alignment (conjunction), opposition, or square.  Others with birthdays at other times may also be affected if they have planets between 27 degrees and 3 degrees in any of the sign groups mentioned earlier. (As the year progresses past March 2012, More than likely, most or all of the traits and themes mentioned above have been in action in the lives of people whose sun signs are affected.  For example, someone who rarely drinks may find themselves enjoying alcoholic pleasures in greater frequency and variety.  Long-time hobbies may become dormant, new hobbies may make their appearance, especially involving water!  (A gardener may shift into hydroponic gardening - which is soil-less gardening, where veggies and flowers are grown in a watery solution.)  Visits to resorts by the sea in exotic places may occur.  If the person is prone to introspection, then they may find themselves taking long quiet periods to think and be and letting recent perceived losses find their places in the psyche. Or they may find themselves forced to spend long alone periods while hospitalized or incarcerated.  Persons may find themselves working lots of overtime, or being so consumed by their everyday work that they have little or none of the time and energy they previously had for other passions and pastimes. Passions that were once held dear may simply float away, with gentler ones taking their places in time.  And social interactions may be infused sometimes with an unusual and perhaps welcome silliness and whimsicalness.

A curious ebb and flow can be noted by those that watch the travels of Neptune through their chart.  Due to retrograde action, Neptune may travel over one's Sun three or even five times.  What can be witnessed is that immediately after Neptune has crossed over the Sun there is the sense of a major change, like a fog has lifted, or perhaps the Sun has started shining through the fog.  Old ambitions return, old passions are re-lit.  The gloomy sense of loss and yielding to outer influences may suddenly disappear and with it the return of the old hope of personal fun and achievement and ways of doing things.  These happier results don't last too long if Neptune has crossed in retrograde over the Sun and is soon to return. And the station of Neptune often starts again the descent into the Neptunian themes. When Neptune passes for the final time, however, hopefully the life lessons we gained with Neptune's transit will be deeply integrated in us, and we can move forward much smarter and wiser for it.

Oh, and my birthday is February 17!

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