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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 15th lunar eclipse - a deeply transformational time

Wednesday afternoon, June 15th at 2:13PM Denver time is the second of a set of three eclipses this summer - one lunar eclipse and two solar.  The current eclipse is lunar- essentially it's a full moon that is in such perfect alignment with the Sun and Earth that the earth's shadow hides the moon from the sun for a full hour and 40 minutes.  The eclipse will be fully visible in most of Africa and India.

See this wiki page for more details on this interesting eclipse:

In the Denver area, the eclipse horoscope suggests an increase of knowledge and much discussion concerning the areas of life relating to philosophies, religiousness, legal contracts, higher education, and foreign travel.  The horoscope also reveals chatty emotional connections to neighbors and friends, emphasizes conversations and connectedness, and highlights social needs generally. Writers, teachers, and publishers may also find more energy and movement in their work if this eclipse touches their natal horoscopes in significant ways. 

For several months this year until about October, there is a very challenging configuration in the sky that portends intense struggle against the status quo, revolution, severe power dynamics, and a general aching for overturning whatever is out of balance and isn't working.  Between now and June 21 - a time span of about 6 days, the chart suggests that there will be an outpouring of verbal and written expression of this striving and tension - we'll get to have a clearer look at what is egging us below the surface - both individually and collectively.  This is good for us - because knowledge is power, as they say.  If we can hear and understand what the struggling is all about, maybe we can address it more intelligently and compassionately. Some of this verbal and written expression is likely to come out as hyperbole, poetry, and metaphor.  It ought to be so darn loud, though, that we can't help but listen to it and attempt to make sense of it.

Some of this extreme tension may leak out into the public consciousness as scandals involving romance and money. And individually, the tensions may express themselves as longings and imbalances in money and love as well.

And for my friends in India ...

The lunar eclipse occurs at 1:43AM on June 16th in Bombay, India.  It should be completely observable if the sky is clear. Interestingly, the horoscope emphases are similar to what they are in Denver.  Issues concerning community relationships and rules are emphasized and there are overlays of karmic themes. People, and indeed the nation, are being called upon to evolve their religious and philosophical understandings, to grow and mature in their beliefs, to purify legal and contractual relationships.  Significant and long-acting transformation is occurring for people in the areas of reputation and career.  For some, this may not feel very good, as if everything appears to be breaking apart for them.  The lesson here is to hold on to what is true, to have faith that everything will work out in the end, and to always remember to respect and trust God.  As I discussed earlier, for the next 6 days the heavy tensions many of us are experiencing may be publicly and widely discussed.  It appears that community gatherings and also TV will be the mediums of communication in India.

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