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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Moon in Taurus on 5/3 - with a prominent Aries influence.

During the two weeks surrounding the New Moon in Taurus on 5/3/2011, we are seeing continuing revolutions in the Middle East, a huge number of tornados and high winds in the US, and the marriage of a British prince. These events characterize this New Moon well. Five planets are in Aries at this time, with Saturn in Libra directly opposite. Count on assertiveness and anger all around, fast talking and less consideration in conversation than usual even if the conversing is more fun, lucky events for men, and vicious air and wind phenomena. (I'm watching a metal chair get blown across a patio - ha ha.)  There is some hint at relationship hazards and in working through partnership difficulties.

The giant T-square in this chart (all the planets in Aries, plus Saturn and Pluto) indicate unified efforts at war and revolution with people unifying to create change against the odds and against long-standing injustices.  The T-square suggests powerful military efforts rise up in tandem with the revolutions - probably only partly because of them.

The Sun and Moon in Taurus give a calming influence to all of these active events and energies. Elements of slowness and taking it easy and lounging are introduced. Social connections matter and may be more fun.  Using our energies on activities, efforts, and relationships that really matter to us is a hidden goal. We're trying to plan for a good future for ourselves, or at least do those things that portend well for our future (so much Aries won't let us sit around and think and muse. This is a time to be a warrior in one of its many guises.)

The North Node of the Moon is travelling by 26 Sagittarius, which is said to be the location of the galactic center in the zodiac.  This suggests that events that have been occurring for the past several weeks revolve around an important central theme.  This central event or issue could be major changes or events that have recently happened or will be happening very soon for most people. An example of this is the major nuclear accident that is still in progress in Japan.  More personally, it could refer to someone close to us leaving for a long journey.  A royal marriage fits this theme well, too, considering how the royal family can seem like a bright star in our universe!  What important central issue or event is your life revolving around lately - say for the past two to four months?

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  1. The metal chair comment is fun. ^^

    Even with five planets in Aries, it's almost like an internal struggle between working really hard, and just sitting in front of the computer doing nothing, haha.

    - V.A.L.V.