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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Full Moon on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

---  Time to dream and intuit a better life --

On May 17th at 5:09AM in Denver, the Full Moon is in Scorpio in the 7th house of marriage and partnerships. The horoscope emphases during the two weeks around this Full Moon (one week before and one week after) include quiet reflection on our values around the relationships in our lives - both of the roles we play and also how the relationships serve us. Perhaps this is a time to rehabilitate our relationship toolkit - to consider what has and hasn't worked for us in our relationships in the past and to modify our methods of relating and communicating to more effectively obtain the love and/or cooperation that we so want and need.  Any of our relationships are up for consideration. Working on one or two key relationships now can really enhance our future prospects.

The timing of the themes represented by this Full Moon is perfect - since the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses in June also have strong relationship themes.  The solar eclipse chart on June 1st suggests that we'll be standing up for our own values and enforcing our boundaries in situations that are concerned with shared assets, loans, legacies, taxes, and intimate relationship issues.  It appears that there will be a sense of urgency to this.  We'll be required to be accountable for our part in the relationship and it appears that these issues and pressures will impact our careers and reputations.  We may find ourselves travelling or else studying to improve our capabilities in the areas of life where these tensions are evident.  This continues into the lunar eclipse on June 15th.  However, at this time it appears we'll feel some personal assurance that the actions and moves we're feeling compelled to perform are beneficial for us, and we may even achieve some sensual or material reward.

 This Full Moon is also a good time to experience and enjoy the natural world - to see past the gloom (of cloudy days and rain) to the sensual beauty that can be found in nature, such as the prolific fragrances of plants during a storm and the nuances of joy emanating from plants with new shoots and fresh green that sprouts under such perfect conditions for plants.

A building tension is marked by this Full Moon that culminates at the solar eclipse on July 1st and then continues strongly until about late September.  This building tension represents revolutionary upheavals of the status quo including upending of the existing order and the inventions of new ways of relating and of organizing - some of which will work, and some won't.  Many change-filled events may appear suddenly and without warning. Significant geological and technological upheaval may also be indicated by the horoscope aspects between now and September.

During the next few days, take some time to dream a happier life for yourself, and take some steps to plant the seeds for your new life.  This really is your time now, and a time to use your natural intuition to vision how relationships may work better for you.

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