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Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 2011 Full Moon in Libra: Taking directive action for the sake of your relationships

The Full Moon on April 17th at 8:43PM MST features 5 planets in Aries in the 5th and 6th houses, and a T-square involving Saturn, Mars, and Pluto. Work and creativity are highlighted during the two weeks around this Full Moon, along with the attitudes of service and self sacrifice. There may  be the sense of giving too much of oneself for others. Change and difficulty around personal assets, finances, and personal values is a theme at this time. Heightened responsibilities and increased activities in organizations and  clubs  we belong  to is another. A sense of happiness and optimism could accompany work efforts, which is good, because there is probably a lot of work to do now.  We may find ourselves working too fast without thinking things through, or just working without thinking very much about it.  Be digilant about being attentive and engaged. It  will improve your probability of success in your venture or responsibility.  It's also a good time for putting seedlings in the ground (literally and figuratively) for what you want  to harvest  during summer and autumn!  Plant things that you can share with others later! Who knows, it might bliss you out!

Here are interpretations that apply to people that have the following aspects to their natal horoscope.  

(Note: 'natal', as it is used below, refers to the planet in a birth horoscope.  'Transiting' refers to the position of the planet in the sky right now. The transiting Sun on April 17 is at 27 Aries.)

Natal Sun conjunct transiting Sun:  ('conjunct' means 'aligned with' or 'in the same place as')
You may have been (or felt) quite lucky a week ago,  giving you cause for optimism and hope for the future.  Reflect on any intentions,  plans, and wishes you made at that time.  Contemplate the ones that feel true for you, even if they are a reach.  You will be lucky as you put your energy into them, and they may manifest  in your career world, enhancing  your reputation. Remember to discuss them with important others to consider how they can best serve the needs of  your  team's vision and purpose.  

Natal Venus in Libra conjunct the transiting Moon:  
Creativity in your relationships, and empathy are major themes for you  now.  You may enjoy some special social times with a Libra personality now. There may be some element of  the  foreign, or  of lofty concepts in this socializing, and the meeting place may be a  secret hideaway or even a prison or hospital.  Looks like some special moments could occur that you or they may remember for a long time.

Natal Moon in Cancer square the transiting Full Moon:  ('square' means 'at a 90 degree angle to')
Oftentimes, the square represents a challenge; life tensions are generated that can  cause a   person to answer the need that the tension  is pointing to.  The nature  of the tension is that it may feel  like you're being pulled at from two different directions: there may be both an urgency to get certain things done now and a strong need to procrastinate while considering downsides and risks.  Luckily, an empathetic friend may relieve some of the frustration and aggravation that accompanies this tension.  It can be too easy to rely on them though, and not act on the current compelling circumstances.  The lunar nodes indicate  that there is some  importance to the issues that are the source of the current tensions.  Be  responsible about them!

Natal Mars conjunct the transiting Sun:
Your  activities in the workplace are brought to light. On some level they are being judged for their relevance to your team or clients, and your effectiveness is being observed. You probably have allies in these efforts. This has been going on probably for about a week and will continue for about another week. 
You may need to weigh in on a conflict and take significant action, similar to taking up arms to take back what has been forcibly removed from you. Or you may need to establish and defend your territory and boundaries.

Natal Venus square transiting Full Moon:
This is a time of some trouble that lasts for the two weeks around the Full Moon (a week before and a week after.) Social connections may be strained or missing.  Health issues may be prominent, quite possibly from overwork.  The effects of this time period may have repercussions later on.

Natal Sun trine or sextile the transiting Full Moon:  (sextiles and trines are helpful, harmonious aspects)
A lot of people in my client list have this aspect.  It is easier for these people to engage in activities that are very meaningful for them.  Others give them permission, space, and validation to be themselves.  The Sun in the sky illuminates the core essence of these people, this is their time to shine and embrace who they truly are. If this is you, then it is a great time to spend time on your art, or inventions, or social project, or whatever else you feel really fulfills you and defines who you are.

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