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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aries New Moon - April 3, 2011 - Beginnings and Challenge

The New Moon on April 3rd at 8:35AM (Denver time) promises to be a doozy.  6 planets in the sky are in Aries, and the Sun and Moon, which are precisely aligned, are exactly across from Saturn in Libra.  And both of these widely square Pluto, which is in Capricorn.  This makes a T-square in cardinal signs - not an easy picture!

Aries is a fire sign, the sign of the warrior and the athlete.  These characters have single-minded focus toward their goals, all resources and efforts are directed towards helping them achieve their one-pointed purpose.  Think about a warrior fighting to kill a strong opponent, or an athlete racing to the finish line in a foot race.  Strategy, practiced tactics, and brute force are all needed for them to achieve their purpose.

In this New Moon, Mars and Uranus are tightly aligned in the sky.  This is a configuration for active revolution, for accidents and for sharp-pointed and sudden movements and activities.  Think explosions, accidents of all kinds, intensified fighting, and serious consequences.  All of these activities and actions arise out of deep internal needs on the part of the players to exhibit these behaviors at this time.   The Mars-Uranus alignment lasts about a week, and has been in force for about a week already, so this is not a trivial transit.

In a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are in the exact same place in the sky from the vantage of a viewer on Earth.  And they are at 13 Aries.  Saturn is right across from them at 13 Libra.  So, anyone with planets in their birth chart at 13 Aries or 13 Libra is strongly affected by this New Moon.  The opposition highlights the growing Saturn-Pluto square, which suggests layers of difficulty and the transformative grind to daily experience.  By transformative grind, I mean that events occur which cause resentment and resistance to surface.  Over time, as the events remain permanent, the resistance yields to acceptance, but it is not an easy emotional and mental process.  Sometimes it's very difficult.  Saturn adds the qualities of difficulty and severity to the events, as well as the need to take responsible action within some part of the experience.

As is my practice in these blog posts, I've gone through my client charts and selected some charts that are strongly affected by this New Moon.  I have selected charts with planets that are aligned with the Sun and Moon.   

Sun - who we are.  (Your birthday is close to April 3rd.).  Influences the solar return.
This is an important time of life for you.  The challenging aspects in the sky help to make you passionate about your mission and purposes.  Events and activities the day before, during and the day after matter a lot in the next couple of weeks.  People may judge you with a jaded eye during this time, but if you hold on to your respect and dignity and right actions, then their judgments won't matter in the long run.  This may be an important time of endings and new beginnings for you, especially regarding business.

If you are already weakened from being severely challenged in your life, then this time adds extra stress. Find a way to relieve stress during this time - deep breathing, a bath, some seclusion, a walk in the woods, a visit with a good friend, a visit to a doctor or therapist that you trust.

In  addition to the transitory effects of this New Moon (which lasts about 2 weeks), the  themes highlighted by this New Moon and the events  that occur during this time will matter for you for the entire year, since your birthday and solar return is also happening now. If the events are difficult and unhappy, consider them low points to build from. And if they are happy, be glad.  In any event, they set the tone and the starting point for your personal new year.  If you would like to know more about your solar return, and how this New Moon plays into it, a full natal chart reading will give that to you.  Write to me  on the contact form on my site at if you would need one.

Ascendant - the personality
 Spouses and important business partners may seem difficult during this time.  They may have expectations of you that you are unready or unwilling to fulfill.  You may feel reclusive and over-emotional.  Supporting your partners during this time will gain their respect in the long run.  Let the best of your natural personality tendencies express themselves - keep putting your best foot forward.

Midheaven - the career point.
Difficulties at home may be distracting your attentions at work, yet work concerns have priority for you, too.  You may be feeling low about yourself - about who you are and what you've become.  And you may be finding yourself going through some big personal shifts.  Be patient with yourself. Reflect on what is respectable about yourself and appreciate yourself for that.  Don't let the bad sentiments hold total sway.  This New Moon highlights how your personal shifts are affecting your career.  Take notice!  Others will.  Make needed adjustments, and keep a forgiving attitude.

North Node - our life lessons
For people with this alignment, the New Moon - Saturn opposition aligns with their North Node - South Node axis.  The North Node relates to the lessons we are here  to learn, and the South Node relates to consequences for past actions. So, important lessons and significant consequences are highlighted for you. For some  people with this alignment, this can be a very difficult time, with judgment and harshness from others an important theme in their situations right now. At the same time, you have extra energy to pursue ventures that you feel significant passion for.  Whenever we have  Saturn and/or the South Node being activated in our chart, it is important to remember that no matter what difficulties may arise during these weeks, to keep a good heart towards yourself and  others and keep your face turned upward to God. Cursing and other degrading words and actions can cause amplified negative consequences back to you now.  If you have a bad situation now, remember, it shall pass!

At best, there are no terrible occurrences for you now, and your passions are inspired for projects that are important to you and others. This New Moon provides extra energy, ingenuity, and get-up-and-go to accomplish and achieve. Yet you'll feel enough discipline and responsibility to take  proper care of your relationships.

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