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Monday, March 28, 2011

Venus in Pisces - self sacrifice anyone?

Venus in Pisces: 
There are three big behavioral themes  which  could play themselves out with Venus in Pisces:
1) socializing with people with whom one may practice emotioanl guardedness and self defense,
2) laziness and lack of focus and directedness,
3) indulging in emotionality - flipping between feeling the woundedness and pain of oneself or of the wider humanity and feeling bliss and harmony  and  lightedness and beauty and hope  for humanity's redemption.

Although Venus represents money, Venus in Pisces probably doesn't put very much emphasis on the acquisition or development of assets.  Venus in Pisces is more of a relationship and emotionality-focused placement.

Venus represents aesthetics. Some people may find themselves enjoying the arts more, or even creating art themselves more than usual.

Pisces represents sacrifice and spirituality. Venus in Pisces may find people engaging more in religion and spiritual practices like meditation, and in volunteering more. 

Recently, Venus transited Aquarius in the sky, and since my own Sun and Moon are in late Aquarius, I got to experience the effects of the love planet passing over my most important chart points.  And I will say, love was definitely in the air for me.  My marriage was very romantic for the few weeks that Venus was gracing my life and friends seemed more accessible than normal.  In addition,  opportunities to make more money came up, and I felt very drawn to contemplate what I wanted to create in my life for the next year.  It helped that I honored Venus by asking for her positive influence in her life and did some affirmations that might predispose me towards better life experiences.  Affirmations like:

All my needs and desires are fully and completely met.

I remove all obstacles from my life that do not serve me.

I am open to the greatness of the universe.

Doing these affirmations over a burning candle seemed to make them more potent.  

Want to give them a try?!   :)

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