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Monday, March 14, 2011

Full Moon in Virgo with the Sun in Pisces - at the Very End of the Zodiac!!!

This month, the Full Moon occurs midday on Saturday, 3/19.  In Denver, it is just after noon, in Los Angeles, it will occur at 11:10AM, and in New York City (and Miami), it will take place at 2:10PM.  There are so many ways to talk about the Full Moon from an astrological viewpoint, simply because there are so many perspectives with which to look at a horoscope.  This month, I have chosen the charts of several friends and acquaintances that have a planet or the Sun or Moon in their horoscope closely aligned with the Sun or Full Moon in the sky. (Of course, the charts are kept fully confidential.) If you know your chart, and you find that one of your own planets is also aligned with the Sun or Moon during the Full Moon, then perhaps my discussion below applies to you! Enjoy.

Oh, and if you don't know your horoscope, there are free services online (like where you can look it up!  All you need is to provide your birth date and place, (and birth time, if you have it.)

Friends with the birth moon at 28 Virgo: The Full Moon itself is aligned with your natal moon. In this case, the Moon is coming to it's home in the sky for you.  These days you may feel yourself draw into your inner quiet place, reflecting on your own needs, desires, and wishes, and possibly also your own shortcomings!   Personal intimacy is highlighted for you. With friends and family, you are more yourself, and you may find yourself receiving more attention - both wanted and unwanted.  At work, you may experience more freedom and inner compulsion to make your space more comfortable - more you.  This is a great time to be thinking about how you'd like the experience of your life in the upcoming month to be richer and truer for you. Read any good books lately?

Friends with the birth Mars at 29 Virgo:  The Full Moon is aligned with your natal Mars - the planet of passion, action, assertiveness, and drive.  The Moon is highlighting your need to get the things that YOU need to get done, done, and to get them done in the way you need to do them.  Men may be more prominent than usual in your life during this time - you may find yourself either enjoying more time with them in a very easy personal way, or using their strengths and abilities to help you accomplish something personally important to you.  Think handyman or technician or servicer.  You may be of a mind to get certain things accomplished within one or more of your relationships.  Be careful to not let this turn into an inappropriate argument or test of wills.  There is a time and place for everything.  If you must battle, be extra aware of how you are projecting yourself in the contest.  Is that really a dragon in front of you that needs to be slayed?

Friends with the birth Ascendant near 28 Virgo:  The Full Moon is aligned with your natal rising sign. Socializing tends to be on your own terms, and an observer may get to see a bit into your more hidden inner nature.  You may feel more vulnerable than usual, and tend to be quieter.  Yet, you probably won't be able to get fully away from socializing, and the occasional inner cringe may appear inside you.  The inner critic may more forcefully appear, and you may find yourself voicing perceived faults rather a bit too easily and frequently. Like all the earth signs, Virgoans love to organize and be practical and perfect, yet a part of them also loves the magic of nature and the material world.  Purpose yourself to take time to ponder the goodness in the people around you, and in yourself too, and appreciate the magic in your circle of friends and acquaintances and in the world itself!  Be the magic for others, and you may find magic come alive for you!

Friends with Uranus at 28 Virgo:  One might say that Uranus in Virgo represents the video game generation, where the mind gets the opportunity to learn more and faster, and to use what it has learned to facilitate cooler and cooler tricks in the virtual game world. During this Full Moon, unpredictability, as well as speed of light intuition, are highlighted for you.  Yet so is nervousness.  So take care of your stomach!  In advance of the Full Moon, eat in ways that help you feel strong.  This is not the time to diet or to restrain yourself too much from eating.  Having a grounded body goes a long way to calming the mind. You'll feel good enough to return to the diet two or three days after the Saturday Full Moon. If you're wondering what might be unpredictable, consider where in your life you tend to yearn for independence and to do things in your own way and time.  This is likely the area to be highlighted by the Full Moon.  For example, if you have Uranus in the astrological house of home (the fourth house), then either your need for space is likely to become stronger or even extreme, or you may feel that your personal freedom is being invaded by other family members (or friends or pets) more so than at other times.  A part of you may feel like 'freaking out.'  Don't.  Remember the saying 'This too shall pass.'  Just be strong in body and mind, be patient, observe where the need is in the others around you, and meet it to the degree that you can in your own ingenious way.

Friends with Jupiter at 28 Pisces: The Sun in the sky is aligned with your natal Jupiter.  Remember that in order for a Full Moon to appear, the Sun must be directly opposite it from our vantage point on Earth. So the Sun is an integral part of our experience of the Full Moon. Astrologically, it highlights and illuminates what is important in our lives at that time.  In your case, you may find yourself being extra generous with others - probably emotionally and optimistically.  This could very well be a happy time for you. Life seems promising - perhaps in your thoughts and feelings, or perhaps just in your feelings.  This is good.  Remember, though, that Jupiter addresses what we need to fulfill us.   This is a rather excellent time to dream of a good future for ourselves, to wish for what we'd like our life to look like over the next year, the next month, the next week, and even the next hours.  It's a good time to practice generosity with our selves, with our spirit and soul. And of course, it's a good time to be generous with others.  Just be sure to save some of that cup that you're passing around - for yourself!

Friends with the birth Moon near 28 Pisces: The Sun in the sky is aligned with your natal Moon.  These days, your personal needs are highlighted both to you and in your relationships. You may find yourself in more of a mothering role, or being mothered more than usual yourself (or both!)  You may find that you have more energy to call in for yourself the kinds of deeply personal relationships that you want in your life. Take advantage of this drive and use it well!  It can help improve your life!  And indeed, the Full Moon is a time for asking for and visualizing what you want in your life and what next steps you want to take in your life.  Imagine yourself happy - deeply happy and satisfied, and imagine that you have the relationships in your life that will get you there.  Take some moments and hold the vision of this in your mind and emotions.  'Abraham' says that holding a vision and feeling it deeply for at least 17 seconds straight will take you far in manifesting that vision in your physical reality. Go for it!  You deserve it.

Friends with Mercury near 28 Pisces (including 0 Aries):  The Sun in the sky is aligned with your natal Mercury.  How you speak, and how you think are highlighted for you during this Full Moon time.  If Mercury is in your tenth house of career and reputation, then your words will carry weight in your work world. As you speak from your genuine self, you gain respect and admiration from others - both seen and unseen. Your words matter these days. Driving, which is also ruled by Mercury, can seem a bit crazy in this time, since it seems like everyone wants to be a showoff. Drive at your normal pace, and stay observant and vigilant - as any athlete does.  It's strange to compare driving to sports, yes?  Maybe, but there's lots of competition and goal-orientedness out there, so it's not a far-out comparison!  Try not to get into the mode of making a statement with your driving, however, this really isn't a good time to do that.

Of course, during an individual chart reading, a lot more than the influence of one planet is reviewed and interpreted, and a rich interplay of meanings can be drawn from the charts.  These interpretations provide the themes that are playing out in your life at a given time and can be used to derive guidance about how best to approach difficult or uncertain situations.  They can also reveal when happy and eventful times are coming up for you.  If you'd like a more in depth reading of your chart, use the contact form on my site and let me know!   I provide both emailed and in-person readings, both are really a worthwhile experience.

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