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Friday, March 4, 2011

Discussion of the New Moon in Pisces during midday today.

We have a NEW MOON in PISCES today at 1:45PM Central time (Denver). This means that the Moon is aligned exactly with the Sun at 14 Pisces (13 Pisces 56.)

Together with the Sun and Moon in Pisces, there is Mars - the planet of action and aggressiveness, Chiron - the wounded healer, Mercury - the communicating planet, and Uranus - the planet of revolution and genius at the critical 29th degree.  Close by in Aquarius is Neptune at the critical 29th degree, and Jupiter in Aries.  Jupiter squares Pluto, Venus squares Uranus, and Saturn quincunxes the New Moon.  The Nodes are at the 29th degree of Sagittarius and Gemini.

This New Moon really does represent a time of endings and the preparations for new ventures and adventures.  The time of endings is pointed to by having so many planets in the last sign of the zodiac (Pisces), and with four points in the charts in the last degree of a sign (29 degrees).   We truly are getting ready for a new world.

This new moon highlights a sense of urgency to get things wrapped up.  Not all of these 'wrappings up' will be apparent to many, but the impact of them could be huge for all of us.  Witness the evolution of the dollar - is it really going to become worth a lot less soon as many analysts seem to be shouting?  (See  Witness the huge flood of protests and revolution in Asia, the Middle East, and even in our own America - in Wisconsin. New governments are forming (Egypt, Tunisia, etc.), others are toppling (Libya, etc.), and the flows of oil from the Middle East are threatened.  Pisces, like Libra, deals in its own way  with balance and imbalance (like the sign represents - two fishes tied together pulling in opposite directions).  Pisces is very much concerned with the rightness of things and is altruistic, generally, concerned about the benefit of the whole.  From mid-March, as the planets move into Aries, starting with Uranus, this 'compassionate Piscean stance' will shift to directed and very self-interested activities.  Expect to see more selfish demands from protesters of all sorts, and more warlike stances.  Even in our own lives, we can witness people making sudden changes because 'they just can't stand' a situation any longer.

Neptune is moving into the 29th degree of Aquarius tomorrow.  For several years, Neptune and Uranus have been 'handshaking', in that they have resided in each others' signs. As such, the major leaps forward in all kinds of technology and health care are indicated by both of these planets. In these last few days and weeks of this mutual reception, we may see a frenzy of inventiveness, an interesting evolution of the technological and pharmaceutical industries advertising and production.  Since the time is so short, however, we won't get the benefit of this frenzy for long.  As Neptune and Uranus change signs, emphasis on technological advances may not be as strong as it has been for the last decade or two as world events - both civilizational and geological -  create an inhospitable environment for it.

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