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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bowing to the Water God

Yesterday, the planet Neptune, also known as the God of the Sea, was aligned with the Sun in my birth chart.  This hasn't happened since 1847, and I'm not 164 years old yet, so this is the first time this is happening in my life!

Because Neptune is slow moving in the sky, it has been 'acting on my Sun' since the beginning of the year (2011), and will continue to act on my Sun till about March 2012.

So what does all this mean?  Does Neptune really 'act like' the god of water, the planet of dreams, illusions, and loss?

Weaeelllll ...

Yesterday, I went to see the movie, 'Sanctum', which was about the exploits of an expedition swimming through a very long, deeply underground cave that was flooded due to a cyclone on the surface.  Most of the people on the expedition died - only one made it all the way through, and boy did he learn a lot about life and death!  Lots of Neptunian themes here - water, in the deep, loss, death, being lost, feeling loss and grief, and more.

Personally, this has been a time of endings and new beginnings for me.  The day before, I completed a contract job I've been on for over a year, and even my driver's license expired.  So, to me, it was like losing my identity - both as an employee and as a resident!  Of course, whenever there is a loss that is not a death - there is a chance for a do-over.  So, through hard work and a stroke of luck, I signed on with a different company and am employed again ( yippee, whew!) and my driver's license renewal is in progress.  Neptune can give us these - a new vision on how our life looks like - trick of the water, yes?  Like looking at a pencil that is half in the water - it doesn't look like the same pencil, even though it is!  Neptune can also bring us luck sometimes!

I'm not a regular TV watcher, and definitely not a regular sitcom viewer, but lately I've sure been enjoying every single one of the Smallville episodes.  I've watched them straight through so far (thanks to Netflix) - all the way through Season Four.  It sure did take a long time for Clark Kent to finally fly!  I'm so addicted!  TV and movies and games fall in the realm of Neptune, and so does addiction!

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So do you think that Neptune in late Aquarius is acting on you in your life?  If so, write me a comment about it below!

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