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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do Aquarians and Scorpios get along?

I am friends with a couple who are both Aquarians and whose son is a Scorpio. One of their favorite topics of discussion with me is how they do everything for him, but he keeps coming across as antisocial and incredibly selfish and argumentative.  They are forever vexed in their spirits and don't understand why they all can't just get along and have a nice relationship together, imbued with respect, peace, fair play, and good times.

So why can't they just get along?

Well, a look at the nature of the two signs may shed some light on this question. 

Aquarians generally live from their intellect, 'they live in their head'.  Aquarians are inventive, progressive, humanitarian, and aloof. Peoples' behaviors can often seem a surprise to them.  They don't put two and two together as easily as other signs when it comes to up close and intimate human relationships.  From a distance, though, they can be farseeing and even genius.  Aquarians are inventors, and would rather create a better machine for making tasks easier than go to a dance, let's say, or join a gang.

Scorpios, on the other hand, are visceral, they live from the gut.  They love the place of power in relationships, they love 'making people dance'. They love to experience life from a physical and emotional standpoint, and they love finding the 'hot points' in others, their buttons. I would venture to say that Scorpios don't feel alive until they cause others to react.  So some Scorpios don't mind doing those things that don't make sense to others - sex, drugs, rock and roll, violence, and death - because they feel alive doing it, and because they feel alive while witnessing others' visceral reactions to their behaviors and tauntings.

So Aquarians and Scorpios are quite different!  'Having a good life' means two very different things to people with these signs, even if the outward manifestation of the good life eventually looks similar.  Their means to getting there will probably be much different.

And it would probably be good if that Scorpio son of theirs had a Scorpio mentor that could guide him into fruitful means of expression of his native talents and abilities, without being too destructive.

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