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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Daily Planets - Sunday, October 4, 2015

Today, the Sun is in Libra. The Moon is in Cancer and is a Last Quarter Moon.
Today is a day of tremendous angst, desperation, and foolishness. While all of us will either witness or feel today's tensions, a number of us will resort to engaging in hopeful endeavors of questionable value to deal with deep feelings of insecurities and angst. Others may take advantage of their relationships to force their will. Some desperate people will enact demonstrations of unimaginable idiocy. (This appears to be unfolding in the Middle East on the international stage, currently. Think Syria. This could well devolve into an international war.) And others will find it quite difficult to take action due to feelings of inhibition and weakness. (It's hard to assign blame for any of this when these actions are written in the stars!) Any plans made today are liable to demand a deep rethink and do-over in a few weeks. Acting on these plans may cause a bit of trouble later.
On a more positive note, music will tend to speak to the soul more readily today.

Transit list for Sunday, October 4, 2015
Sun square Moon                     (square represents challenge and difficulty.)
Sun semisquare Venus             (semisquare represents a challenge for which a solution is somewhat more easily found.)
Sun biquintile Neptune            (biquintile represents the impulse for gifted creativity.)
Sun square Pluto                      (square represents challenge and difficulty.)
Moon square Mercury
Moon sextile Jupiter                (sextile represents the easiness that comes when we step up to it.)
Moon biquintile Saturn           (opposition represents a tug of war and mirroring)
Moon trine Neptune                (trine represents flow and ease)
Moon oppose Pluto                 (sesquiquadrate represents a challenge for which a solution is somewhat more easily found.)
Mercury is retrograde             (retrograde represents a period of do-over and reconsideration.)

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