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Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Daily Planets - Saturday, October 3, 2015

Today, the Sun is in Libra. The Moon is in Gemini and is a Disseminating Moon.
Now is a good time to refresh and rediscover what it is that sparks your aliveness and sense of passion. What is it that inspires your joy even when relationships are tough and sparks fly in verbal and written conversations and emails? What activities and goals continue to thrill you when your activities seem to be thwarted, either by a lack of energy, or by cross-purposes that confuse current goals? Remember these things, even write them down. Reviewing these can be support for you during the next couple of weeks of stress in relationships.
Some heart-touching news about the recent spate of world leader meetings and events may occur tonight - it may be all over the news tomorrow.

Transit list for Saturday, October 3, 2015
Sun conjunct Mercury              (conjunction represents working together, and the beginning of a new cycle.)
Sun semisquare Venus              (semisquare represents a challenge for which a solution is somewhat more easily found.)
Sun Tsquare Pluto and Uranus  (Tsquare represents challenge and difficulty.)
Moon sextile Venus                   (sextile represents the easiness that comes when we step up to it.)
Moon square Nodes
Mercury is retrograde                (retrograde represents a period of do-over and reconsideration.)

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