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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Full Moon on Nov 17, 2013
Chickens coming home to roost

The November Full Moon is on Sunday, Nov 17, 2013 at 8:15AM MST, Denver, Colorado

(The full moon is at 7:15AM in California, 10:15AM in New York, 4:15PM in Paris France, 7:15PM in Moscow Russia, 8:45PM in Mumbai India, 11:15PM in Shanghai China, and 2:15AM on Nov 18 in Melbourne Australia)

Chickens coming home to roost.

The energetic predominance in this month's full moon horoscope is earth and water, with just a touch of fire. The Sun leads the watery group of planets, and the Moon leads the earth group. Emotional sensitivity and practicality rule the day.

Three major aspect patterns exist in the full moon horoscope.  The technical descriptions and their interpretations are given below.

Aspect pattern: Neptune-Chiron trine North Node, Neptune square Sun-Moon (full moon), Neptune septile Uranus (Aries), Neptune septile Pluto-Venus(Capricorn)

Neptune-Chiron trine North Node: what brings deeper meaning and deeper stability to the structures in our lives in ways that serve humanity and mass consciousness and our long-term growth and evolution? What wounds need to be addressed and healed to bring us to a more stable, mature, integrated level of functioning? Long term efforts may be starting at this full moon for addressing these questions.

Uranus Septile Neptune: divine purpose, addition of heat and action, new important initiatives stir our imaginative creativity into action.

Aspect pattern: Moon trine Mars, Moon semisquare Uranus (Aries), Moon oppose Sun, Moon square Neptune-Chiron, Moon sesquiquadrate Pluto-Venus

Efforts are taken to improve the health of the body and of close relationships. Steps are being taken to heal unbalanced work environments, or to find new work. Surprising  revelations or announcements necessitate changes and new efforts in the work life and in our personal health care.  Difficult female issues drive active personal involvement.

Aspect pattern: Sun trine Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn (saturn trine jupiter), Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun semisquare Pluto-Venus, Sun square Neptune, Sun opposes Moon (full moon)(jupiter sextile mars)

Optimism reigns even in the midst of troubles; Maybe this is personal optimism, maybe this means we're surrounded by others who encourage us to be optimistic. It's relatively easier to take actions that are personally supportive, that are good for us. Our optimism is weighted by good judgment which enables us to make grounded and intelligent choices. External needs inspire good decision-making on our parts. We are driven to take action and be creative.  We are driven into fuller natural expressions of ourselves by difficult external events and by female trials and difficulties. It's advisable for us to be imaginative and flexible and to go with the flow as well as to moderate flows. We are challenged to respond (rather than react) to shifting external events and dynamics that seem to be well beyond our control.

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