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Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 22nd Full Moon: Naive wonderings, emotional depth

Two prominent themes occur side by side in the horoscope of the July 22nd Full Moon.  Events and stresses that affect us emotionally and deeply take a lot of our attention while a sense of naive wonder and wondering can make up our 'breather periods.'

This full moon marks a time when the lunar themes of motherliness and emotional sensitiveness are prevalent and central in our experiences.  For some, attention is on those who are weak, sick or dying, and on those who are prisoners of one form or another.  For others, there is the focus on 'spiritual nurturing and care.'  Regardless, confident, nurturing attention and reflection is given to stresses and wounding that have occurred over a long period of time, and to structures that are weakening or reforming.

For those of us that are astrologically inclined: the full moon horoscope has what I'll call a 'flying butterfly' configuration, whereby the T-squares made from Uranus and Pluto to Mercury and Jupiter-Mars are enfolded by the wings - the water trines consisting of Jupiter-Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury, Chiron, North Node.

The current period has a strong 'newness' quality to it, since all of the planets are in early degrees of each sign.  The Full Moon itself is at zero degrees of Leo-Aquarius, indicating a naive wonder and wondering at our potentials for leadership, playfulness, generosity, and me-mindedness.  Additionally, there is the sense of a need for novelty, greater humaneness, technological advancement and the updating of traditions to the current time.

The engaging need for a bigger world view is in contention with on-the-ground facts and figures, especially as it concerns our estimation of our limited resources. The clash of these felt-themes will result in original and interesting, but probably impractical, solutions for some.

As for the four elements of air, earth, fire, and water, the water element is strongly prominent in this Full Moon horoscope.  This would suggest great emotional depth to our experiences this month, as well as unusual and even novel ocean wave activity and other natural, peculiar water action involving rain, floods, and more.  Humans take an active role in modulating ( or instigating?) natural water actions by responding to them with a heart to protection and security.

Some of us may find ourselves in the presence of kindly caring smiles and that warming heart-sense that inspires us to confidence and hope.  Others of us may find ourselves making connection to the greater-all-that-is during grand nature events, especially those involving water; we'll find ourselves inspired by those majestic feelings of wonder and awe at nature's grandness.  And religious groups may experience a renewed fervency and connection to the divine.

Some of us may find ourselves reflecting both mentally and emotionally on the difficult events of the past couple of years or more, finding a place of resignation within ourselves and maybe acceptance, and reflecting on the great lessons we've learned through our hurts and woundings.  We may speak to others from this place or write about how we are coming to terms with these experiences and lessons. An objective that may arise out of this process is the embracing of the coming changes and dislocations and transformations that the entire planet is experiencing for the next two years.  What can you teach us about embracing the coming changes?

From a business and economic perspective, it appears that the groundwork has been laid for an expansion of the oil and gas extraction that is occurring in the USA and worldwide.  New decisions are confidently being made to expand production.

New medical discoveries or miracle-pharmaceuticals can become prominent news during this cycle.  Or we may personally find nutritional aids and supplements that can enhance our sense of wellness and health.

Militarily, weapons that employ pharmaceuticals or cause drug-type symptoms may be introduced or used during this time.

There is increasing optimism about the US economy, in spite of the naysayers.  Time will tell whether the optimism is warranted.

Overlaid on the emotional depth of this period is a certain detached objectivity about the world's problems, and a need to be seen as intellectual and intelligent.  There could be prominent discussion of the need for new 'machines' to solve the world's problems along with a contentious retort concerning the lack of financial resources.  We have a basic optimism and hope for the future and confidence in our ability to lead the world to a new place of order.  Almost like the king walking with a hobbled foot.

Caretaker's perspective: help and nurturing from the wider community may be forthcoming, so that a fresh perspective and comforting optimism enter into the picture.  The everpresent sense of the woundedness of the persons in care can weigh heavily on the mind.  Drink water, take baths, take time to be alone and nurture yourself and not be overwhelmed with these thoughts and feelings.  Allow yourself to come to a new understanding about your concerns. Or take time to be with comforting, 'mothering' others.

Spiritual perspective: We are learning new qualities of leadership and humaneness and big vision.  The emotions around mothering and nurturing and other deep emotional experiences can be distracting and even distressing. Allow it its place in your life. Integrate the two, see how emotional involvement in life's concerns can run in parallel with and even educate new developments in the unfolding of our very essence and place in the Sun.


  1. Love your blog! I've been doing a lot of research into my horoscope and this has really helped. Thank you!