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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Full Moon on June 23, 2013 -- Optimism and Transformation

The Full Moon on June 23 at 5:52 AM (MST) highlights the time of change that we're living in, both from the perspective of radical, sudden transformations and from the viewpoint of the persistent wearing down of old forms and structures.  However, the Full Moon time itself is somewhat of an optimistic time, a time for over-exuberance and possibly surprising luck or lucky near-misses.

Over-optimism can characterize this period, as well as too much expectation of results and over-dramatization.  What's actually happening is that a year-long astrological cycle is coming to an end (on the 25th of June) and a new one is beginning.  It seems that the best way to use the energies of this time is to recall those actions, relationships, and learnings of the past year that were effective and beneficial for us and let them inform the coming year-long cycle.  Each cycle builds on the previous one, and we have been given the gift of bringing to consciousness important themes and events of the past year to guide us into the next.

The current optimism of this Full Moon temporarily colors our view of the great magnitude of changes that are happening in the earth plane right now.  We are affected emotionally by changes and transformations in our careers and our place in society as well as in our close relationships - we feel the need to be involved and empowered by participating in these changes. Evolving ourselves personally is one way to keep ahead of these changes in the outer world, and can even influence outer world changes to work in our favor. Change and transformation is the major theme of these times until 2015, there is no getting away from it.  

This Full Moon horoscope illuminates the timeless interaction between water that inexorably wears away and earth that stands solidly seemingly forever.  It seems as though the great tides of change are being made visible to humanity now on many levels - geologically, economically, and creatively, and regarding great knowledge.  It's quite possible that new and penetrating artforms (music and other) will become public knowledge, and that the pervasiveness of 'Big Data' is becoming generally apparent.  Big Data is the mining and gathering of technological data from across the internet into giant pools that can be studied and analyzed for trends and patterns for use in marketing, governmental control and security, and much more.  It is also possible that great leaps in consciousness and spiritual ability are being made right now, and these will soon be public knowledge as well.

Every element is highlighted in the current Full Moon horoscope: earth, fire, and water have planets denoting change, and air denotes optimism and passion to affect our destinies and mass consciousness.

Inviting harmonies to the water, fire, and earth elements to foster compassion between humanity and the four nature elements in action seems very appropriate to do now.

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