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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to make wishes - ruminations on Maslow's pyramid.

(Note: the January 28th lucky Jupiter-Venus connection is written about in the blog-post after this one.)

Exploring what we may want to manifest and co-create with Divine Providence may seem daunting at times.  This can happen for any number of reasons - past creations ended up in disillusionment, life can feel full right now, feeling overwhelmed with too many needs, or any of the other infinite spectrum of ideas and feelings that we humans fall under the sway of. 

And sometimes the pressure of our emotions and dark thinking can cause us to feel constricted and small-minded about what our desires may be. As if we're walking down a dark London alley on a cold and misty night with all of the attendant fears and discomforts that would go along with such an experience.

Well, this is not a very good condition to be wishing in, is it!

What we need are aids to opening up our willingness and capacity to think big, fruitfully, and beneficially. We need to feel open to the largess of the universe. And we need to explore ways to bring in those dancing and happy feelings that cause us to become very magnetic to what we love and desire.

Remembering times when we felt hopeful about things is a good place to start.  Put away the negativity, forget for a moment the things that bring us down.  Try to remember times when you had innocent hope, when you had innocent wishes for which, in those moments in time, there was no reason at all to doubt your having the objects of your desire.  As you remember these moments of hope, imagine that the angels of benevolence and gentle kindness are watching over you, and are encouraging you to become filled with hope and love in its purest form. Don't worry if you don't feel this perfectly now, just let it grow and be within you. Ask the benevolent angels to nurture and support your hope and your loving in this moment.  If, at this time, you think of anything you would truly like to have, ask for it now, believing that you can and will receive it.  Don't worry about how it may come, or how it may look when it comes, just trust that you and the angels of benevolence are co-creating this wish, and you are presenting this wish to Divine Providence and the Universe to bring to reality for you. It can be a soft-feeling process, easily just allow it.  (If you don't think of anything you'd like to have right now, let that be okay, and enjoy the feelings of hope and the presence of the angels.) Then enter into a place of thankfulness - both for the experience of being in hope and love and wishing with the angels, and for the experience that you are wishing for.  Allow your feelings of thankfulness and joy to bring you back to your current reality.

Sometimes it helps us to have aids that focus our thinking on what would be beneficial and life-enhancing for us to have.  One good tool to reflect on is Maslow's pyramid.  Maslow was a significant figure in the development of psychology during the mid 1900's. Maslow identified five categories of human needs - where the fulfillment of each category of needs serves as a foundation for the remaining categories.  The five categories of needs are as follows - from the most basic to the most sublime:

Physiological - breathing, food, water, sleep, homeostasis, and excretion
Safety - security of: body, employment, resources, morality, the family, health, property
Love/Belonging - friendship, family, sexual intimacy
Esteem - self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others
Self-actualization - morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts

There is a nice picture of the pyramid of needs on the Wikipedia page:'s_hierarchy_of_needs

One way to use this 'hierarchy of needs' is to reflect on your life through the filter of each level of the hierarchy - physiological, safety, and so forth.  For example, in physiological, there is homeostasis - or body balance.  Is your health at its optimum?  Does your body feel in balance?  If not, then perhaps the beginning of a wish is for greater feelings of balance and health in the body.  Then the question becomes - how might that happen? If you know of ways, and just don't have the resources, then you can wish and ask in your heart for the resources.  If you don't know of ways, then you can make the inner request to your heart and soul to receive insights on ways to bring your body into greater balance and health.

If the hierarchy of needs pyramid seems overwhelming, then just reflect on the words that seem to stand out to you.  Reflect on how your life is going when viewed through these highlighted words.  How can your life improve in this area?  As you dream and picture this, your wish is forming!

Read the next article about the lucky and favorable Jupiter-Venus aspect that is coming up early in the morning on January 28th! Great time for wishing!

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