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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Features of the Full and New Moon charts during Pisces 2011

Here are the important aspects in the Full and New Moon charts for Pisces 2011.  Here's a challenge:  what can you interpret from these?

I'll be posting interpretations for these soon.  Watch my blog!

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New Moon Chart  3/4/2011
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter are all in the 9th house, all but Jupiter are in Pisces.
Uranus is at 29 Pisces 31 minutes.
Mc:  9 Aries
Asc: 25 Cancer
Venus: 3 Aquarius in 7th
Mars and Neptune are in the 8th with Neptune just shy of 29 Aquarius and Mars at 8 Pisces.
Pluto and the N Node are in the 6th, Pluto at 6 Capricorn, N Node at 28 Sag 59
Saturn is at 16 Libra in the 4th
Jupiter and Pluto are square in cardinal signs
Uranus, Neptune, and Nodes are at the 29th degree of urgency.
No house cusps are at 29 degrees
Uranus is square the Nodes!
Neptune is sextile the Nodes

Full Moon Chart   3/19/2011
Sun and Moon are at 28d 48m of Pisces-Virgo - almost at the 29th degree of criticality, in the 10th and 4th houses: Sun in 10th.
Mars, Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mercury are all in the 10th house.
Uranus is at 0 degrees of Aries.
Nodal axis is square the Sun-Moon axis.   Nodes are in the 6th/12th
 Venus and Neptune are in Aquarius in the 9th house, with Neptune in the 29th degree of criticality
Pluto is conjunct the Descendent.
Jupiter and Mercury are conjunct in Aries, and are both in opposition to Saturn in Libra in the 4th.
Moon and Saturn are both in the 4th.
Asc: 5 Cancer
Mc: 13 Pisces
No houses have a 29 degree cusp, although the 6th and 12 are close, with Scorpio on the 6th at 28d 14m.

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