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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Approaching the New Moon in Pisces - Jupiter and Pluto square

Yesterday, I went on a job interview that turned out to be quite successful.  It was long - 2 hours, and it was quite the quizzing session (as my wife called it later.) Yet I had fun there. 

In the sky, Mercury was conjunct the Sun to within minutes, Jupiter squared Pluto, and Uranus squared the Nodes.  So how did this all apply?

The Sun represents who we are, what our essence is, and what is important.  Mercury is the planet of thought and communications.  With the Sun outshining Mercury in their 'shared space', this suggests that communication was not as important as 'being who we are', and observing who others are.  What people say is not as important in itself as usual.  I feel that this awareness helped me in the interview.  It wasn't so important for me to know 'technical terms' as it was to display through my discussion my work approaches and ethics, as well as observe those of the interviewers.

Jupiter square Pluto - Jupiter is the planet of philosophy, expansion, and optimism.  Pluto represents change, transformation, and power plays.  Squares represent challenges. So this alignment suggests change and struggle through highminded ideals.  It also represents potential wealth creation - the expansion of power and resources through work and effort.  These seem to apply generally to a job interview, yes?

Uranus square the Nodes is interesting.  Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and eccentricity and progressivism and revolution.  It can also represent genius, and nervousness, and rebelliousness.  And it rules Aquarians.  The Nodes are destiny points.  The North Node represents the great lessons we are learning in our life, and the South Node represents the consequences we must pay for past actions - both good and bad.  The Nodes represent the investment of a lot of emotional energy, which can be the fuel for life changes and events. Soooo, this alignment suggests the facing of our destiny without really knowing how it will turn out.  It also represents a strong drive to revolt.  Considering the revolutionary conflagration in the Middle East, I suppose this aspect is quite timely.  And as for my job interview - with my current job ending in a couple of days, I felt as if I was hanging in the balance, and was driven to perform well - to put my best foot forward.  And I'm an Aquarian - so perhaps this aspect helped me some.

Both of these alignments - Jupiter square Pluto, and Uranus square the Nodes - are in action through this New Moon.  For people and entities with planets closely affected by these alignments, events in their lives are very likely to mirror these themes.  A review of your chart by an astrologer will reveal if you also are affected!

-- Richard

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