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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our Daily Planets - Thursday, September 1, 2016: Solar Eclipse at 9 Virgo

Our Daily Planets - Thursday, September 1
A formidable mix of angry obstinance and a confusion of principles profoundly affect our lives and our circles of people.  Bad decisions made these days will take time to recover from and reverse. At the same time, braving through the hard yet confusing tasks thrown at us increases our adaptability and even our ability to have fun with it all.
Alongside the difficulties, many kind words are spoken, and many gentle and generous sentiments are shared. Some even encourage us to be our best selves, and bring out the best in us.
For leaders, or potential leaders, even with all of the troubles swirling around, their spoken messages are appreciated and encouraged.
And for leaders, two dynamics are at work: uncovered deceptions encourage warlike opponents to struggle to bring them down. Also, increases in global risks and crises increase the population's needs and desires for a wise and decisive leader to guide and protect them.
Today, the Sun and Moon are at 9 Virgo 21. It is a solar eclipse, which is exact at 3:03 AM MST and 9:03 AM GMT.
See the solar eclipse chart at
Interesting observations of the solar eclipse chart:
1) The Sun-Moon-Node conjunction is in a T-square with Saturn-Mars and Neptune. This is a biggie.
2) The Saturn-Mars conjunction is square the lunar nodes, and is also square Neptune.
3) Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are conjunct.

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