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Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Daily Planets - Monday, March 28, 2016

Today, the Sun is in Aries. The Moon is in Sagittarius and is a Waning Gibbous Moon.
An active, passionate, talkative day. There is a softening of the sense of responsibility, and more of a tendency to catch up on long-term needs that have been on the back burner. Perhaps some people take more time to catch up on rest and sleep. Others become dreamy or engage in more artistic or escapist pursuits.
There is a certain 'devilish' indulgence in sacrifice and loss, whether of our own or others. We feel that this is the way it's always been and there's no escaping it, forgetting that this is a passing attraction. We may regret this fancying later, and perhaps even have to make up for it.
Some people will experience new loss and pain these days. They may need our accommodation, support, and empathy.

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