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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Daily Planets - Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Today, the Sun is in Sagittarius. The Moon is in Virgo and is a Last Quarter Moon.
At the time that this blog post is being written (mid-November), a Russia-bound plane was bombed over Egypt, several locations in Paris, France were bombed or shot at, the Chinese and Taiwanese Presidents have met to discuss cross-strait relations for the first time since 1949, Russia has been bombing Syria, US ships have been sailing near disputed man-made Chinese islands in the South China Sea provoking Chinese ire, the Chinese and American Presidents met in Washington DC, the democratic opposition in Myanmar won national elections finally, Middle Eastern migrants have been flooding into Europe, and the Argentinian Pope did a world tour.  All of these events and tensions have been occurring while Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and the North Node have been conjunct near the end of Virgo, indicating the beginning of a grand new Venus-Mars cycle. These have been setup events for the unfolding of a long play.

Today's transits show that we are very much caught up in the tensions caused by recent dramas. There is a maddening drive to Do Something about the recent terror, and fantastic ideas and suggestions are being spoken about and pushed. Attendance at live performances may be down, and the traveling population may be lighter. Laws may be being considered for tightening up safety procedures even further, which further restrict our freedoms. And people continue to pay a terrible price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time at the hands of violent and fanatical publicity seekers.

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