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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Our Daily Planets - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today, the Sun is in Scorpio. The New Moon today is in Scorpio at 10:47AM in Denver, Colorado, USA. 
In Vologda, Russia, the New Moon occurs on Nov 11 at 9:47 PM.
We are beset with desires for old things to break apart and refashion into more idealistic forms. We feel willingness and even compulsion to take action on our desires and give them to the world. Dissatisfaction with the status quo spurs us to action. There is a sense of proper destiny in all of this; a sense that activities taken now will determine the course of the future for our circles.
And we are feeling confident and powerful in ourselves. We don't second-guess our intentions and actions now, or our desires. Rather, we feel some friendly inner compulsion to create new ways of being and acting for ourselves and our circle of relationships.

This theme is supported by the practice of really wanting what we need. If we can fully determine what it is that will truly meet our needs, and then want that, we can more easily obtain it. Much better than trying to control outcomes by imagining a pseudo-fulfillment that leaves us empty and still wanting.

Celebrity Highlight - Katy Perry - what does the New Moon mean for Katy today?

Katy's emotional life and secret motivations are being highlighted and illuminated by the New Moon. Her instinctual senses, her sad stories and experiences, her critical assessments of how our society is being run by great powers and common folk, are all being re-awakened and re-seeded, if you will. There is some pleasure in this for her.

As always, Katy is confident and forceful, and if she is working on her next grand projects, then she has great support from the planets at this New Moon.

Katy Perry may find herself drawn to working with powerful women, even women in politics. Alternatively, Katy may feel that her values and the things and people she loves are under an awful pressure and are shifting in ways that make her unsure of herself, of who she is, and of what she really loves. She is under deep reconsideration about her values and is feeling her way forward. Surprising new sides to Katy may come out in future performances, based, in part, on the inner work she is doing now.

Here is Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour page on Facebook:

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