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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A New Moon, a Grand Cross, and Venus finishes its alignment with Jupiter

By now, July 19th eve, the New Moon in late Cancer has passed and the moon is mid-way through Leo.  The events portended by the grand cross that preceded the New Moon by a day have taken place and the consequences and other downstream effects are playing out. Indeed, the New Moon itself, which was in late Cancer and which was squared by Saturn in Libra, spoke of the potential for angry confrontations or at least of a hard bearing down of people on each other for causes relating to work, and responsibilties arising from common commitments and family ties. All together, the transits speak of strong stirrings of destructive emotions and rebelliousness are evidenced by angry outbursts; the stymie-ing of resolutions to very complex problems create a sense of frustration and anxious overwhelm; too much responsibility requiring accomplishment in too short a period of time create confusion and overwhelm; concentrations of wealth and power are increasingly under seige from increasingly warlike and rebellious factions.

The events of the past couple of days and the transits that went along with them are just a severe peak in the underlying ground of tension that is evidenced in the sky right now. Two transits of major significance and another worth mentioning call out for attention. The grand cross that occurred near 10AM on July 17th (Colorado time) included the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square with Mars and the Moon in opposition to each of these distant planets. The grand cross passed quickly, with the Moon passing in a few hours and Mars passing in about a week, but the Uranus-Pluto square is in effect this entire year - staying very active within a two degree orb from March through December 2012. These two planets stay within the active range of a 7 degree orb from early 2011 through mid 2016. This configuration is activated both personally and globally in two ways: when fast moving planets make significant angles to them, and when one or both of these planets align with personal, national, or organizational horoscopes.  The square gives a higher level of energy to whatever it affects, and this can be experienced as greater ambition and productivity, greater angst and conflict, and increased and sudden destructiveness, all on personal, relational and terrestrial levels.

The second transit of major significance is the square of the Lunar Nodes to Neptune.  While the lunar nodes are imaginary points based on the moon's elliptical orbit, they have been found to be quite active in portending events in personal and national life.  The square of the nodes to Neptune, also known as Neptune at the nodal bending, indicates a crisis involving beliefs, idealisms, and vulnerabilities.  A severe sense of confusion can arise out of our interactions with others, and indeed, planetary interactions with the Nodes in the transits usually represent, in human affairs, deep and passionate involvement with others, and being strongly motivated and moved by others. Neptune at the nodal bending also represents severe challenges by water, including flooding and other watery difficulties.  However, the positive side to this transit is a greater potential to connect with the Divine for answers and healing, and to enjoy the nurturing of water and nature for emotional healing and support.  Additionally, the imagination can be greatly stirred by this long-term transit leading to creative solutions and even to new sources of wealth and material prosperity.

Finally, let's talk about Jupiter and Venus.  These two benevolent and sometimes lucky planets have been in conjunction from June 20th, and are just finishing their alignment.  When these two planets align in an active angle with each other, events tend to flow more easily for us and life may perhaps be luckier.  While we may not be constantly happy when these planets are aligned, we may experience many meaningful moments of happiness and abundance in every possible sphere of life.  The more we actively cultivate a benevolent reality, the more easily it happens when these two planets are conjunct, even more so when they are making significant angles with planets in our own horoscope. And losses during this period can often lead to even better circumstances.  Now that this conjunction is over, it is worthwhile to consider what has been good in our life over the past month, what is worthy of our appreciation.  It may be easy to think about what has been difficult for us, but this is a survival tendency.  At this time, it can be beneficial for us to coax and push aside for a while our anxieties and contemplate the few and/or many good things that have happened for us over the past month. As we focus on these, we increase the possibility of more of these good things and good times to come into our lives, thereby increasing the persistent action of Jupiter and Venus in our lives.  If we don't do this, then the action of Jupiter and Venus is like a 'happy wind' that brought good things while it lasted.  When it ends, however, then the good times seem to be over and life's miseries make themselves even more apparent to us again.  However, we can coax the expansive and blessing energies of Jupiter and Venus, and find that we create an avenue for abundance to continue flowing for us and for those we love and care about.

Just like the monthly Sun and Moon cycle, Jupiter and Venus also have a cycle that lasts a year and a few months.   The Jupiter-Venus conjunction is similar to the New Moon, when the Sun and Moon are aligned, in that both alignments represent new beginnings.  As you contemplate what good things happened for you (and those you care about) over the past month (and what good things happened for the nation!), consider how these might represent the beginning of a cycle of philosophical expansion and personal meaning (Jupiter) and the revelation and fulfillment of what truly pleases us (Venus).

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  1. Thank you, Richard, for this very interesting article! I learned a lot of new words and expressions concerning astrology. In addition, your statements match a lot of my recent circumstances, which I find fascinating!

  2. Thanks for this- a bit of clarity in a weird week. I esp like the last bit about coaxing Jupiter and Venus to help create the future. So mote it be!

  3. Thanks Richard! It explains lots of difficulties I had to go through. I did had too much responsibility requiring accomplishment in too short period of time which led to overwhelming. And sure I will focus on better things which happened last month to create better future. Very helpful!